Alumilite Fountain Pen in Lovely Green and Copper

I recently completed a customer pen (my Chiosa model) using a Bob Dupras' custom alumilite blank with green and copper coloring. This has proven to be a popular color and I now have it in a lighter green as well. This pen includes a 14K Rhodium plated gold nib with a left oblique grind with additional flex (not done by me). With a triple start thread on the body and the cap there are plenty of opportunities for variation in the cap and body patterns - not a dull pen.JackW Green Copper Alumilitev1 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev2 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev4 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev5 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev6 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev7 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev8 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev9 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev10 JackW Green Copper Alumilitev11

The View From My Shop Window

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. In my uninsulated shop it is the beginning of the end of the easy days of mild temperatures. Still, looking out the window, dirty as it may be, I am reminded that loveliest handiwork of all is always there for me to see. I am inspired by the colors and am truly thankful I have my shop in such a nice location. Being your own boss isn't too bad either. As we move into the season of thanksgiving and the holiday season don't forget that kind words and consideration are as valuable as anything we can buy.

Out the Shop Window

Busy Making Roller Ball Pens

My first love is making fountain pens. On the other hand, sometimes it is hard to resist a challenge when someone asks you for something you haven't made before, especially if there are size limitations for the pen. So I drew up some plans and got started. After a month or two (I work on multiple projects) I have come up with four variations. Three (the two tortoise and the reddish-brown pens) use standard 110mm Schmidt roller ball cartridges, and the fourth (white, turquoise / aqua, and dark blue) uses a Schmidt roller ball section with a cartridge converter. Take a look and see what you think. The Tortoise and reddish-brown versions are about 125mm long; the white / turquoise / dark blue is about 150 mm long (more like a large fountain pen).RollerballCCv1 RollerballCCv2 RollerballCCv3 RollerballCCv4 TamasPrototype1v1 TamasPrototype1v2 TamasPrototype2v1 TamasPrototype2v2 TamasPrototype2v3 TamasPrototype2v4 TamasRollerballCapAdjacentv5 TamasRollerballP3clipviewv2 TamasRollerballP3Postedv4 TamasRollerballP3Sectionv3 TamasRollerBallP3v1