Working With Indian Ebonite

Sometimes you just have to try something you haven't used before. I have used ebonite in the past and like its properties for making pens, but it has been the Japanese or German ebonite. I saw a listing for some Indian ebonite in interesting colors and decided to buy and try it. The result has been pretty good, although this particular pen has what appears to be several small metal inclusions (small sparkling particles). I designed it as a very simple Japanese style pen with no clip; the section is German red Cumberland ebonite. The pen is 15.4mm in diameter (5/8") and 150mm long (5 15/16"). This one goes for a song: $165 plus shipping. Your choice of #6 JoWo nib in Polished, Dual Tone Gold, Ruthenium, or Black Oxide EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm market availability depending. Please contact me if interested









A New Roller Ball Pen

I have been working on an updated roller ball pen design and think the result is pleasing. The pen below was originally designed of Schmidt roller ball cartridges, but I can modify it to use Pelican and Gel cartridges if you are interested.

The pen is made from a three color Alumilite casting by Bob Dupras. It is 126mm (4 14/16") long and 14.8mm (19/32") in diameter. It is a flush sided pen. The pen price is $195 plus shipping. Contact me at if you are interested.

RedBlueRBSectionGelCartV2 RedBlueRBlengthV2 RedBlueRBSectionV1 RedBlueRBlengthV1

Interesting New Pens With a Twist

I use fountain pens all the time. One of the rituals of filling a pen that seemed a bit bothersome to me is unscrewing and removing the section from the pen body to get to the converter filler twist knob. The annoyance usually comes if you haven't done a thorough job of cleaning the section after dipping it in the ink well for filling and you end up with ink all over your fingers after you screw the section back into the body of the pen. The pen below deals with that problem in two ways. First it has a long section, which, besides providing a longer grip area, means a cleaner more visible submersion in the ink well. The body has been modified to allow a cap over the cartridge converter end to be unscrewed for access to the filler twist knob. Now you don"t have to remove the section to clean and refill the cartridge converter.

This pen done in Rite of Spring Alumilite, cast by Bob Dupras, with a bright yellow alumilite finial, is a flush side pen 15.8mm (5/8") in diameter and 150 mm (5 15/16") long; your choice of #6 JoWo steel nib in Polished, Gold Dual tone, Ruthenium, or  Black Oxide in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm depending on market availability. Price is $235 plus shipping. If interested, email me at








Along the same lines is a fountain pen done in Sea Seas Alumilite, cast by Bob Dupras, with silver alumilite trim. In addition to having silver finials on each end, this pen has a silver ring to highlight where to unscrew the end of the body to access the compact converter filler twist knob. The pen is cap dominant 16.6mm (11/16" OD) and the body is 15.8mm (approximately 5/8"). The body is tapered towards the from so that the cap actually screws over top of the body. The pen is 149mm (approximately 5 15/16") long; your choice of #6 JoWo steel nib in Polished, Gold Dual tone, Ruthenium, or Black Oxide in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm depending on market availability. Price is $255 plus shipping. If interested, email me at