A New Rollerball Pen in Casein and Tortoise

More pen pictures...a rollerball pen in casein and tortoise and it can be used with Pelican, Pilot, Lamy, and Schmidt rollerball cartridges.

MoHaRollerBallv1 MoHaRollerBallv2 MoHaRollerBallv3 MoHaRollerBallv4

2 comments on “A New Rollerball Pen in Casein and Tortoise

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in this beautiful and unique pen and would like to know if it can be made as a fountain pen in large or oversize with two tone steel nib.
    Thank you,
    Kind regards
    David Henry.

    • Mr. Henry,
      Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. The answer is yes it can be made in large or oversize with a two tone nib. If you are still interested, please send me a message at jpmcconnel@gmail.com.I am not sure why I had no notification of your inquiry, and I must apologize.

      Thank you for your inquiry,
      James McConnel

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