About Me

IAPProfile2014V2I love working with my hands, using manual and machine tools, to make things that are practical and beautiful. I have always been in love with color, beginning with the stain glass windows I made commercially, later with film and digital photography, and now making fountain pens.

I love fountain pens, ink, and paper: as a student in elementary school when I learn to write in cursive, and later in the business world as my preferred way to record information using a modified shorthand. I also enjoy collecting fountain pens. My favorite fountain pens are the Japanese fountain pens for their deceptive simplicity, beauty and excellence.

I became so enamored with Japanese fountain pens I felt had to learn to make them, to understand their mystique. To do so I taught myself how to use a metal lathe, to work with different materials on the lathe, and to discover the best materials from which to make fountain pens. One of the delights and deep joys of making fountain pens is there is so much to learn of the craftsmanship and art of making pens. My goal is to produce pens that honor simplicity of design while presenting excellence in fit and finish to achieve beauty and elegance. I strive to honor the traditions of fountain pen artistry and to add my own little original contribution.

Now that I am retired I am able to focus on producing the pens that I like: simple, elegant, and practical. Pens that you will use for journaling, gift giving, and collecting.