About SomethingWrite Pens

SomethingWrite is dedicated to individuals who love fine pens and are looking for a unique one of a kind pen made to their personal expectation, or who may know someone who would be delighted to receive one as a gift. All my pens are bespoke or custom-made: I start with a general concept based on templates I developed for my pen body styles, and working with you, we add features to the pen that satisfy your desires. Within body styles, for example, you have the choice of a  wide range of special pen blank / rod materials, nib sizes, varying lengths and widths, adding a clip to the pen, special finials and bands, and so forth. Even the basic shape of the pen may be changed. Then each pen is made one-at-a-time: no computer numerical control (CNC) machining and no two pens exactly alike. 

AutumnFlexigranLongView2SRGBLRI make pens using metal lathes and high-speed steel cutting tools. I obtain a high quality finish on my fountain pens by hand, wet-sanding up to 8000 grit and then buffing the pen using a variety of special polishing rouges, topping off with a museum quality finishing wax. The quality of each pen is a matter of excellence of fit and finish. That you should be excited about and happy with your pen is my goal.

While typically I makeBluFlexigranDeskPenV3LR fountain pens as custom orders, from time-to-time I will have pens made for immediate sale so please check them out, you may find one you like!