Busy Making Roller Ball Pens

My first love is making fountain pens. On the other hand, sometimes it is hard to resist a challenge when someone asks you for something you haven't made before, especially if there are size limitations for the pen. So I drew up some plans and got started. After a month or two (I work on multiple projects) I have come up with four variations. Three (the two tortoise and the reddish-brown pens) use standard 110mm Schmidt roller ball cartridges, and the fourth (white, turquoise / aqua, and dark blue) uses a Schmidt roller ball section with a cartridge converter. Take a look and see what you think. The Tortoise and reddish-brown versions are about 125mm long; the white / turquoise / dark blue is about 150 mm long (more like a large fountain pen).RollerballCCv1 RollerballCCv2 RollerballCCv3 RollerballCCv4 TamasPrototype1v1 TamasPrototype1v2 TamasPrototype2v1 TamasPrototype2v2 TamasPrototype2v3 TamasPrototype2v4 TamasRollerballCapAdjacentv5 TamasRollerballP3clipviewv2 TamasRollerballP3Postedv4 TamasRollerballP3Sectionv3 TamasRollerBallP3v1

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