Customizing Your Pen


These can include different tapers to the pen caps and bodies:

Alumilite, green and blue alumilite resin, flush sides, round ends, Bob Dupras casting, Zefiro, medium size



Different end shapes such as round (semicircle), cone, flat, and rounded:

Alumilite, silver and black and red and light blue alumilite, Southwest, American Indian Jewelry, cap dominant, round ends, Bob Dupras casting, Stima, large size

Alumilite, pale green and silver and copper alumilite, cap dominant, cone ends, nickel silver cap band, nickel silver finials, clip, Bob Dupras casting, Acuto, large size, custom turned nickel silver pen furniture, custom colors








Segno Celluloid Pen is lovely purple web celluloid with elements of silver in the celluloid pattern; the cap is larger in diameter than the pen body (cap dominant), and pen ends are gracefully curved; the Segno is a large size pen.

Flexigran, green and gold flexigran, robust material, cap dominant, flat ends with chamfer, Richard Greenwald casting, Stele, large size, custom cast resin









Different colored finials on the ends of the pen cap or body, as well as color bands (no metal bands) where the cap and body screw together:

Flexigran, red and black and gold Flexigran, Italian resin, red uric Italian resin, cap dominant, round ends, Stima, Richard Greenwald casting, medium size



Furniture: metal bands in brass, bronze, nickel silver, and aluminum. Clips in gold, silver, or a variety of other finishes, depending on the model and market availability. However, over time clips can lose their spring, be bent, and even mark the cap of the pen. Supply for clips is also variable. As an alternative, I include a leather scabbard for each pen in black, tan, or brown leather providing suitable and portable protection for your pen.

Pen Size - Pens are offered in three lengths: Small (5 ½' - 5 ¾), Medium (6"), and Large (6 ¼"); widths vary from 14.5mm to 16.5mm at the base of the tenon of the pen body just behind the threads; caps can always be wider than the pen body. Pens can also be made oversize in length and width depending on your desires. The pen cap and pen body can be different colors from each other, as can the section holding the nib. Sections can be 18mm to 22mm in length.