Where’s the Cart – How Much Will My Pen Cost?

The pens at SomethingWrite Pens are custom-made  pens, which means that you are the decision maker on materials, the size and shape of your pen, the nib type and size, and any extra features you may wish to add. There are many, many options available. You might even find a material I hadn't thought of that you would like to use to make a pen. I thought long and hard about how to capture all the possible choices available and how to turn them into an invoice (think of one huge matrix), but frankly I make pens and designing this web site has already been pushing the limits of what I know. So I have resorted to what used to be pretty standard approach: we talk about it, until you have what you think you want. I'll give you some idea as we work out the design about cost, because no one likes to be surprised on cost. Most of the pens I make are going to run between $175 - $275 on average; a gold nib would push the price up by $100. Shipping is pretty much the same regardless of the pen price. Each page has a contact/comments block so feel free to contact me. If you don't want to use the contact block send me a private message: jpmcconnel@gmail.com

If you wish to buy a pen in the Pen Inventory, they are immediately available at the price listed. Just use the contact/comment block at the bottom of each page to let me know you'd like to buy the pen. Thanks.

Pen Prices

1. Small, Medium, or Large -- $175 USD
2. Oversize -- $190 USD

The Basic Pen Prices include a high quality steel JoWo/Meister Nib, an ink converter to allow the use of bottled ink with your pen, and your choice of a black, tan or brown leather scabbard.

Customization Charges

Prices for finials (end caps), clips, and rings are a minimum of $20 for each additional part and may be more depending on the materials used (e.g., nickel-silver, bronze, sterling silver, etc). I will tell you in advance.

Special pen blank materials -- Market price drives the cost of special materials for a complete pen; currently costs are in the range of:

1. $16 - $20 USD for Alumilite
2. $25 USD for Flexigran
3. $15 - $20 USD for Italian Resin
4. $40+ USD for ebonite
5. $40+ for celluloid (when obtainable)

There is no extra charge for black ebonite grip sections

18k Gold Nibs -- Available in Fine, Medium, & Broad only. These nibs are special order items and will be my cost for the price of the nib plus shipping ($100 + shipping).