Pen Blanks

Sources for Pen Blanks             

Slabs, Blanks, and Boards. Offers a nice range of multicolor poly resin and alumilite pen blanks. Will do custom color combinations. Offers alumilite blanks by Bob Dupras.

Slabs, Blanks, and Boards: Pen Blanks and Bob Dupras Alumilite Pen Blanks 

Richard L. Greenwald, LLC. Sole source of FLEXIGRAN a durable ultraviolet-stabilized American-made polyurethane resin that machines beautifully, holds a thread well, and does not yellow with age. Also offers Italian resins.

Richard Greenwald Pen Blanks: FLEXIGRANCommercial Plastics and Hand Cast Pen Blanks

Exotic Pen Blanks. Offers a huge selection of pen blanks in alumilite, ebonite, Italian resins, Italian lucite, and other acrylics. Be prepared to have a hard time limiting your choices!

Exotic Blanks Pen Blanks (see Alumilite Resins, Italian High End Resins, Italian Lucite, Ebonite, and Master Pen Blank List

The Classic Nib. Good source for Cebloplast,Ebonite,Alternative Ivory,Vintage and Importd blanks. Some hard to find colors, especially cebloplast and ebonite, and offers a selection of alumilite blanks by Jonathan Brooks.

Classic NibPen Blanks and Jonathan Brooks Alumilite Pen Blanks

Muttblanks. Offers a huge range of alumilite blanks; according to the web site over 250 different blanks. While many of the same blanks appear on the Exotic Pen Blanks web site, the complete range is here. Focus on Color Explosion, Lava Lamps, Lava Explosion, Mono Swirls, and Pearls.

Muttblanks Pen Blanks: Color Explosion, Lava Lamps, Lava Explosion, Mono Swirls, Pearls, and  Monet / Mosaic.

PTownSubbie. Use a variety of acrylic materials (e.g. alumilite) to pour their pen blanks, so you can choose the colors and patterns desired (primary colors are readily available; special color matching requests are considered).

PTownSubbie Pen Blanks: Alumilite Swirls

Vermont Freehand. Caters to the tobacco pipe making community, but offers a robust selection on different colors of Japanese and German ebonite, and acrylics.

Vermont Freehand: Pen Rod (Blanks)

Pipe Makers Emporium. A pen maker-friendly site offering rod stock in ebonite, lucite, poly naturals, poly twisted colors, and acrylic specialties. Some of the rod stock is polyester, which can be difficult to thread successfully.

Pipe Makers Emporium Pen Rod (Blanks): Ebonite, Lucite, Acrylic Specialties, Poly Naturals, and Poly Twisted Colors

American Art Plastics. One of the only sources for Celluloid in the United States, and also offers Ebonite rod.

American Art Plastics: Celluloid and Ebonite

I have my own collection of over 70 different pen blanks. Please contact me for color and pattern and I will provide you with pictures of the material.