Pen Materials

What I Use to Make Pens

There are no right or wrong color choices for your custom pen. There are many colors, design patterns, and types of materials from which to choose, as well as combinations of materials and colors for the parts of your pen. It is your pen, you choose.

I work in alumilite, flexigran, ebonite, Italian resins, acrylics, poly resins, and celluloid. I use these materials because they are durable for the long haul. No one wants a pen that is too delicate to stand the rigors of use. The feel of alumilite, Flexigran, ebonite, and celluloid are all pleasing to the touch.Celluloid, while it makes beautiful pens, is difficult to obtain, but I will try.

I don't offer or work with pen materials that are brittle and difficult to machine, thread, and tap. This group includes inlace acrylester, invisavue, wood, metal, True Stone, Rhino Plastics, most "Alternate" resins, some polyester resins, and blanks that include such as things as coffee beans, pasta noodles, beans, etc.

Every pen blank is unique in pattern and color. It isn't possible for me to obtain blanks that are exactly alike so please be prepared for some variation between the pen cap and body, as well as the section. I offer a limited range of colors from what I have on hand. However, I can obtain many different colors if you have something else in mind, and I am also able to obtain custom color combinations in alumilite if you don't see anything that catches your fancy. The availability of different materials is of course subject to supply and demand so if you see something you really want please let me know.  I include links to the suppliers I use to give you the benefit of seeing alternatives to what I may have on hand.

Additional Material Costs. The prices I quote for pens include the costs for standard acrylic, and poly resin pen blanks. Other materials like an Italian resin, flexigran, alumilite, and ebonite cost more, the additional amount varying from $10 to $50 or more. I will be add the difference to the quoted price of the pen, but will let you know up front any additional cost that may be added to the base price of the pen before beginning any work. No surprises.