Pen Models

Choosing a Pen Model

I offer pens that reflect a straight forward simplicity of design, because I believe it is more attractive over the life of your pen, and leads to dependability and long service life. You are free, however, to modify the design of your fountain pen to suit your personal writing habits and taste, and I am certainly willing to try another design if it is technically and physically possible. While you are customizing your pen consider this: instead of designing your pen to post (i.e., put the cap on the body for writing) consider a weighted finial on the pen body to give your pen that backend heft you desire. My experience with posting pens is that the internal threads of the cap will eventually leave permanent ring marks on the finished body of the pen, unless, of course, the end of the pen body by design has threads for screwing on the cap. Either way, a weighted finial or threads on the end of the pen body will result in the finish of the pen body being preserved.

Pen Categories

I classify pens in two categories:

  • Cap dominant, where the cap diameter is larger that the pen body diameter where they meet.









  • Flush, where the cap diameter and the pen body diameter are the same where they meet.










Pen Finials or Ends

My pens are then differentiated by the style of the finials or ends of the pen. I offer four different styles:

  • Flat end with a chamfer (angled leading edge)












  • Round end












  • Curved end












  • Cone shape end












Pen Body StyleEnd StyleItalian NameEnglish Name
Cap Dominant (CD)Flat w/ ChamferStelePillar
Cap Dominant (CD)RoundStimaRespect, Esteem
Cap Dominant (CD)ConeAcutoHigh Note
Cap Dominant (CD)CurvedSegnoSign, Note, Gesture
Flush Side (FS)Flat w/ ChamferColonnaColumn
Flush Side (FS)RoundZefrioZephyer, Breeze
Flush Side (FS)ConeSagaciaSagacity, Wit, Wisdom
Flush Side (FS)CurvedChiosaComment, Remark

Most of the time pens are ordered with matching ends, e.g., both ends cone shaped, but you can mix and match if you so choose. The finials can also be made of materials different from the cap or pen body, e.g., nickel silver, aluminum bronze, alumilite, flexigran.

 Pen Sizes

All Pen Models may be ordered in the following sizes:

Size Information (mm): Applies to All Pen Models
DescriptionLength (mm)CD Cap Size (mm)Body Diameter (mm) Flush Side Cap Size (mm)Section Size (mm)
Small14015/15.5141411, 12, 13
Medium14616/16.615/15.515/15.511, 12, 13
Large15217/17.516/16.516/16.511, 12, 13
Oversized159+18/18.517/17.517/17.511, 12, 13
Special16519+18+18+11, 12, 13