Recent New Commissions and a Desk Pen for Myself

One of the things I like about alumilite is the broad range of options you have in colors, colors you can "paint in" when you are making custom pens. I have worked closely with Bob Dupras to develop alumilite blanks that provide color transitions to make them interesting. Greens and blues are my favorites, with a splash of precious metal color. I decided to showcase as much of the transition of two pen blanks as I could by making a desk pen for myself (the green pen); I also find the longer pens easier to write with. The blue fountain pen I made for my favorite Aunt, who is in her nineties and still writes. This other pair is done in purple and gold Flexigran, but different in style. Neither pen has a clip because clips were not desired. On the smaller pen with the rounded finials, I worked with Bob Dupras to come up with a solid alumilite color for the finials and the section close to but not exactly the same color of purple of the Flexigran. The other larger pen has the single finial done in Italian resin.VenetianGPV9 VenetianGPV7 VenetianGPV5 VenetianGPV3 SeaBluePen6 SeaBluePen4 SeaBluePen3 SeaBluePen1 PG FlexigranV6 PG FlexigranV5 PG FlexigranV3 PG FlexigranV1 CG Desk PenV6 CG Desk PenV5 CG Desk PenV4 CG Desk PenV2

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    • The long desk pen is made of a resin called Alumilite; it is known for its durability and machinability (all my pens are threaded). I also have a supplier I work closely with who custom casts pens in the patterns and colors I request. The blue pen is also Alumilite in another custom color and pattern. The purple and gold pen is made of a material called Flexigran, another long chain polymer like Alumilite, known for its ruggedness and machinability. The color selection in FLexigran is expanding, but not as broad as Alumilite. I pay careful attention to the finish of my pens as that is the part you’ll see and remember even as you appreciate the quality of construction. All materials arrive to me in either rod form or as rectangular blanks. Creating a pen is a matter of turning them to dimension, drilling them out, threading the tenons and sockets, adding special features, and then creating the finish. Hope this helps.

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