Resources About Pens

Other resources to consider…but not an exhaustive list by any means.
About Pens    
Fountain Pen Network Excellent source of information about pens: forums about types and brands of in- and out-of-production pens, answers about the care and feeding of fountain pens, brand specific collector groups, paper and journals, inks, making fountain pens, etc.
International Association of Pen Turners (IAP) A wide range of forums offering information on all kinds of pens and mechanical pencils from the point of view of making them, and acquiring the skills, parts, and equipment to do so. An excellent library on all aspects of the hobby including such things as casting blanks, fabricating tools, and tables of standards for drill bit sizes and other equipment. Also has an extensive lists of links for source materials and vendors.
Richard's Pens Reference Pages Without a doubt one of the best sources of information on fountain pen types and their care and feeding you will find on the web. (E.g., check out: "Inks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly")
PenHero.Com A broad look at the commercial pen industry, as well as many useful links to what is happening in the pen community.
Fountain Pen Geeks Another excellent view of what is going on in the pen world, sliced and diced in similar, but different ways from FPN. Look at all the forums, at all the major sites and you'll find one that is your cup of tea.
Pentrace Think of it as a huge conversation in the pen world: a main message board, beginners message board, and a pen sellers/buyers message board; there are links to many vendors and other pen information groups, including international groups, e.g., the Italian Pennamania Forum.
Pen Supplies, Ink, Paper, and other "Things"  
Goulet Pens Goulet sells, pens, pen parts, a broad range of inks, fine papers and journals, and notebooks, etc. They offer exceptional quick service and the way they pack to ship is amazing.
Writer's Bloc Also offers a fine range of pens, papers, journals, inks and notebooks. Offers somethings you may not find anywhere else like loose leaf Clairfontaine paper and notebooks. Also has excellent service.
NanamiPaper.Com American-based company that carries mainly writing paper - pads, notebooks, letter sets, and accessories - from Japan. Carry the very popular Tomoe River paper in loose leaf as well as their wonderful Seven Seas series of A5 journals. Also exceptional service.
Paper For Fountain Pens Exclusively based on Tomoe River paper in an extensive product line of various sized journals, pads, and loose leaf. Great service.
Renaissance Art Fine Handcrafted Leather Books You bought your pen so the chances are pretty good you'll write on something. Why not a leather cover for your journal, or a leather covered journal filled with fine hand-torn paper? You may even want something to carry that journal or your iPad or laptop in. This is a site to check out for excellent products and services.
Don’t Mourn Organize Apparently this site has closed. If you ever wanted to have a custom leather bag made to carry all your pens, journals, and "stuff" here is one place to consider. Excellent craftsmanship.