Working With Indian Ebonite

Sometimes you just have to try something you haven't used before. I have used ebonite in the past and like its properties for making pens, but it has been the Japanese or German ebonite. I saw a listing for some Indian ebonite in interesting colors and decided to buy and try it. The result has been pretty good, although this particular pen has what appears to be several small metal inclusions (small sparkling particles). I designed it as a very simple Japanese style pen with no clip; the section is German red Cumberland ebonite. The pen is 15.4mm in diameter (5/8") and 150mm long (5 15/16"). This one goes for a song: $165 plus shipping. Your choice of #6 JoWo nib in Polished, Dual Tone Gold, Ruthenium, or Black Oxide EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm market availability depending. Please contact me if interested









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